Nursing Management

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What evidence of resistance to change can you find in this case study? According to this case there are several examples of resistance presented. There was an increase in absenteeism, vacation time requests, and early retirement. These incidences occurred because the changes made it more difficult for the staff members to socialize with one another and with families. According to (Tappen, Weiss, & Whitehead, 2015) “New strategies introduced by the director threaten the safety and security requirements of the staff members.” Also, it became evident that the most basic need (socialization) that motivated them to perform their tasks was ignored. What kind of resistance to change did the staff members exhibit? The nursing staff members displayed a passive resistance to change which is less direct and harder to recognize (Tappen, Weiss, & Whitehead, 2015). They did not respond to the change directly through raising complaints to the director but preferred an indirect reaction. As stated by (Tappen, Weiss, & Whitehead, 2015) “Passive resistance is characterized by the avoidance of the implementation of new guidelines.” This explains the increasing requests for vacation days and retirement. Why did staff members resist the change? The staff members opposed the change because the new measurement approach would require weekly reviewing of the time they spent on patient activities such as baths, medication, dressing change, incontinence care, feeding of a resident, or trip off the unit. This meant that they would spend less time in consulting with their colleagues and talking with families. According to the new method, these actions would constitute wastage of

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