Nursing Informatics

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How can IT and Clinical Languages be Synchronized Effectively in Nursing Informatics Software Production? ] Abstract Nursing Informatics is a dimension of nursing application which combines the nursing science, information and technology and computer science in order to enhance the collection, recording and manipulation of data in either educational or workplaces. The use of these disciplines helps in the interactions between four important segments of data analysis and decision-making processes which are Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom. These parts are mutually dependent, and the achievement of successive measures requires the application of more intellectual willpower. These processes substantially ease the nursing operations and become a dominant model in nursing activities. Among its chief benefits is allowing individuals to process patient information faster and therefore detecting changes rapidly and act effectively. This reduces times and potentially saves a life. While it may be resisted because of perceived complexity and risks associated with breaching patient’s privacy, Nursing Informatics is a vital field that every individual nurse must get familiarized with. For this reason, it is essential to come up with coding languages that synchronize clinical and IT language for an easier user interface. This paper thus analyzes the possibility of using local databases to improve informatics efficiently through jargon synchronization. Rapid technological changes across the globe have led to a rise in the utilization of ICT in workplaces. In nursing, the integration of technology to manage information and communicate it referred to as nursing

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