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Abstract The paper provides a critical analysis of a simple recruitment process starting at employment requisition where the HR team informs the management about the need to hire new employees. It identifies the second step that is formulating the selection criteria for obtaining qualified employees for the available posts. It describes the third step of advertising for the specific jobs that are available through social media or other platforms. The paper identifies the categorization step for successive applicants into suitable and unsuitable. Suitable individuals are assessed against the established criteria and later interviewed. The recruits are then assessed against the criteria the second time and the qualifying individuals offered the job opportunities while others are sent thank you emails or letter. The paper explains the recipient metric that is applied in ensuring workflow soundness. It provides an improvement strategy through introducing employee training and performance appraisal segments to the process. Also, it explains that being aware of workflows provides an opportunity to improve the performance of the entire organization. Introduction Events in an organization are represented in workflows for easier reference and identification of problems in specific steps. For instance, the recruitment process has a simple structure that can be represented in the following diagram: The job requisition step involves the human resource management writing a letter to the management seeking permission to hire new workers (The Creately Templates, 2017 Dia. 1). The HR uses typed letters, emails or faxes to send the requisition letter. The company has a policy of

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