Nursing Informatics

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Electronic health records refer to the digital version of data that describes the health record of a patient. It outlines the medical history that has been archived by the respective healthcare provider. The EHR include details such as progress notes, medications, problems, and demographics. The introduction of EHR in healthcare is intended to improve efficiency in treatment and patient care. However, the following challenges affect its implementation and application. Technical ability; the computers that are used in the retrieval of medical data are affected by age accessibility and the network or signal strength (The O.P, 2016, Par. 3). For instance, healthcare facilities that are located in rural areas tend to experience poor network signal that prevents the physicians from accessing the patient medical history within a short time. The wait time for data retrieval is, however, shorter in urban areas due to the availability of fast internet. In order to solve the problem of technical ability, the healthcare facilities should work with network providers in ensuring faster internet. The internet providers should be informed the importance of efficiency in patient data retrieval. Additionally, the healthcare facilities should have access to regular computer suppliers. The utilization cost; the implementation process of EHR and its use in healthcare facilities is expensive (The O.P, 2016, Par. 4). This has discouraged most hospitals from installing the necessary equipment for EHR system irrespective of the speculated benefits. For instance, the implementation of EHR will require the management to initiate training programs for healthcare providers so that they can apply

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