Nursing Informatics

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Nursing Informatics Student’s Name Institution Patient care has significantly evolved in the recent years as researchers are trying to improve its quality and effectiveness (Aebersold & schannen, 2013). Consistent research has led to the discovery and application of adult simulation labs, which facilitate nursing education. The simulation labs are used as learning resources for practicing nurses and students in the sense that they make learning more realistic and practical oriented. The simulation allows the practicing nurses to identify their weaknesses and strategize on improving patient care. Additionally, the simulation participants continue to improve their performance in patient care through the feedback program provided after successive training. Impact of Adult Simulation Labs on Nursing Practice The simulation labs enable the practicing nurses to interact with a facilitator that is able to explain the need for patient care and illustrate the procedures from a practical basis. Additionally, the facilitator exposes the nurse practitioners to relevant experiments where they learn and apply the gained skills (Campbell et al., 2012). This enables the nurses to develop a positive attitude towards patient care. Also, the facilitator creates the environment of believability such that the practicing nurses are able to perceive that they have the ability to facilitate patient care. They learn to care for patients in emergency rooms and develop strategies of quick response that saves lives. The practicing nurses are exposed to computer technology that integrates simulators with learning experience; in this regard, the facilitators use video

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