Nursing Case Study Paper

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Nursing Case Study Paper Geriatrics are susceptible to various health conditions. It is therefore important that the elderly undergo routine checkup for various diseases. The screening will help in early detection of the various diseases so that treatment is started early before the conditions get worse. However, early diagnosis may have a negative impact on the patients. This paper will cover various aspects of a diabetic older adult, also referred to as the client. Question #1 Diagnoses may result in the identification of comorbid diseases and consideration for various medications or therapies. Quality of life is also significantly affected by the number of comorbidities. The more the comorbidities of diabetes, the greater the negative impact on the quality of life. Additionally, medication may cause side effects which may further worsen quality of life. However, diagnoses followed by proper treatment may improve the quality of life of the patient. Quality of life of the client can be influenced by several factors. The primary goal of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes is quality of life which may include social and psychological components of life (Trikkalinou, Papazafiropoulou, and Melidoniset, 2017. Early diagnosis might have a negative impact on his current quality of life. Marrero et al. (2014) showed that diagnosis of type 2 diabetes caused a negative health-related quality of life among the participants. Question #2 It is important to establish the medical history of the client. This includes inquiring how long the client has experienced symptoms. Others include understanding family history, medical history, and also the lifestyle of the client.

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