Nullification Crisis in South Carolina

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South Carolina was significantly affected by the economic decline of the 1820s after the war between Britain and the United States in 1812. During this period the Northern part of America was becoming increasingly industrialized while the Southern States dominated in agriculture. But because of the cheap imports from Britain, the federal government was concerned and devised ways to rescue the then diminishing industries in the North. The federal government without considering all the sectors decided to sign into law the Protective Tariff of 1828 under President John Quincy Adams (Macoll, 1972). The effect of the duties was not universally accepted by all the states because of its selectivity. This was because the taxation of the British imports boosted the industrialization industry in the North. But consequently increased the cost of living in the South because with the high taxes the British no longer bought raw materials(Cotton) from the South yet it was the source of livelihood for the Southerners (Bils, 1984). The tariff of 1828 dubbed the “Tariff of Abominations” therefore caused a lot of scuffles between the National Government and the state of South Carolina. They, therefore, looked up to John Calhoun who was a leader figure for the southerners, by considering the situation at hand, Calhoun opted to find a solution before the states opted out of the union. He came up with a theory that pillared on the fact that the federal government existed by the will of its constituent states. Hence drafting the theory that, if a state found that a law was being enforced in its borders, but it does not serve their sovereign interests and unconstitutional in nature, it had

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