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Nuclear Plant Name Institution Administrative Controls on Operations of a Nuclear Plant. Administrative controls are the set of rules and regulations regarding the operations of an organization for proper and safe functioning (USNRC, 2012). Like any other organization, a nuclear plant has a clear organizational structure that ensures proper daily operations towards achieving its aims as indicated in section six of the technical specifications of a power plant. To that effect, all the station personnel from the highest management level to the lowest operating level have their roles, responsibilities and lines of communication clearly established, defined and outlined on an...

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nuclear generating station the facility operating license document provides a set of guidelines and rules that the plant must adhere to (Fanning, 2011). The paper aims to the show the personnel responsible for ensuring compliance with limiting conditions for operation and surveillance requirements at the nuclear generating plant and highlights the relationship between technical specifications and the physical defense in depth barriers. Limiting conditions for operation and surveillance requirements are two categories in the technical specifications document. Limiting conditions for operation are basically the conditions that oversee equipment operability at a nuclear generating plant. The operating...

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nuclear weapon, bio weapons are derived or composed of a living organism. Koblentz in Living weapons he provides detailed analysis of the distinct challenge posed by biological weapons in relation to international security. When superpowers nations such as America enjoy military superiority, terrorist and less powerful states are embracing biological weapon to wage asymmetric warfare. However, this doesn’t imply that it is easy to obtain these weapons. The attractiveness of less powerful states to biological weapons stems from several factors such as low production cost, the potential for anonymity among many others. As asymmetric weapon biological weapon is not easily accessible to all as it...