Nothing to Hide

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Rhetorical Analysis: Solove’s “The Nothing-to-Hide Argument” The issue of privacy and government surveillance is multifaceted. This makes it difficult for an individual to have a factually sound opinion on the matter without careful consideration of all the relevant factors. As Solove writes, most people of the nothing-to-hide argument opt to take a superficial look at the complex issue of privacy and government surveillance instead of deeply assessing other components revolving around it. This rhetorical analysis examines the way Solove uses various rhetorical devices to bring forth his argument and the effectiveness of each. Solove builds his credibility by taking an objective standpoint, citing several reputable facts from credible sources and taking a two-pronged analysis of the points raised from each of the opposing sides; the manner of the idea expressed in this article makes Solove’s argument an extremely compelling one. In his article, Solove sets the scene by stating some people’s responses whenever the government intercepts and analyzes personal information. In most cases, the people respond by stating that their lives are clean and they have nothing to hide. Solove states that this is the “most common retort” (734) to questions about government surveillance on the civilians. Solove quickly points out that although this seemingly valid argument shows that a significant number of people is okay with surveillance, it stems from misinformation and inaccurate assumptions. To keep both sides balanced, he gives responses by the people who oppose the notion of government surveillance and

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