Nothing is Impossible with God

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Name: Instructor English 101 20 February 2018 Positivity Is Possibility The author Stephen Crane uses allusion and repetition to argue that the theme of positivity, which is a good perception of life, is critical to human survival and their daily encounters. The key point on positivism, which is how a person perceives life, is conveyed in the repetition of the phrase if I am going to be drowned (p. 220), it is used three times which is as the Biblical allusion to Peter who denied Jesus three times and repetition of the same phrase to emphasize on the theme. The attitude of positivity is critical to human survival in our daily lives we encounter numerous challenges and situations daily the situations come with different intensities, and people react uniquely to them. How we people react to situations tells a lot about them and their perception of life. To other people, the situations might break them, but to others, it strengthens them. The use of the phrase if I am going to be drowned is used repetitively three times in the story, (p. 220), this is a biblical allusion of the time when Peter denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed. The situation from the story The Open Boat is similar to the Biblical story of Peter where the persona questions themselves three times. The phrase in the story shows the desperation of the people and they expected the worst to happen in the specific event that was occurring. But, despite their desperation, they still had hope which is a sign of positivism. This is clearly shown when they use the word “If” (p. 220), it is used repetitively to signal uncertainty and lack of surety in their bad situation which is a sign of

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