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Student’s name: Professor’s name:Course: Date: Abstract The paper explores five different articles that have been published and which extensively talk about procrastination. They highlight the reasons, dangers, and possible solutions of procrastination. It also tackles computer procrastination that is occasioned by the widespread use of the internet and how that has changed the way things are done. The articles do vary in their definition of the term procrastination and differ in the approach of how to tackle the issue. They also focus on specific topics including how procrastination affects academic performance and how to understand the phenomenon. The paper will also delve into issues of behavioral therapy and how the same can be used to treat procrastination. Lastly, the paper will address what features procrastination may be compared to and any similarities it shares with. The paper will also highlight the need to conduct further research on procrastination and its link with issues such as academic decline and low self-esteem. Keywords: Procrastination, dangers, solutions How to cure procrastination Procrastination has been defined as a tendency to put off doing routine tasks. The behavior is linked to individuals who have high impulsivity. The term impulsivity, on the other hand, means acting without any prior thoughts and doing things on a whim with no significant consideration of the consequences or effects. In essence, procrastination is at the core of impulsivity, and one seems to exist in tandem with the other. Despite this assertion relating to impulsivity and procrastination, very little research has been conducted. The following paper will

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