north african women

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Abstract The progress of women in certain non-Western communities has been thwarted by the patriarchal set up that is favored in those societies. These societies see more value in educating the boy child and no value in educating the girl child. Most of these societies view the girl child as a source of wealth to her nuclear family. In some region, a family that has many female children are considered wealthy as these daughters would someday be married off at some price. Poverty also plays a significant role in inhibiting the progress of ladies in most of these societies. If poor parents are offered a high enough bride price, they highly likely to give away their daughter to a man she has never even met before. It is also possible that the men from such societies feel superior to the women because they get the women at a price. Therefore, once the women are given to them, they feel like the women are their personal property which have no right to speak up against their owners. The works of Rached, Mernissi, and Soueif give a first-hand narration of the plight of women in the patriarchal societies of North Africa. North African Women Education versus Marriage Globally, different aspects unique to a particular set-up in the community have thwarted the progress of women in the society. The situation of African women in most developing nations is much worse than those in developed countries. The twenty-first century has seen women get out of the cocoon of oppression and rise into influential positions. This century has also seen an increase in movements that champion for the rights of women. Feminist agendas have cropped up in

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