Norse and Navaho Myths and Cultures

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Comparisons of the origin of the myths of the Norse and Navaho cultures The Norse mythology entails the native pre-Christian religion, legends, together with the beliefs. The Norse mythology belonged to the Scandinavian people as well as the people who settled in the Iceland. The culture of the Norse mythology entails numerous tales of various deities, heroes, and beings (Schjødt 3). These tales were derived from different sources from and after the period of the pagan; that encompasses folk tradition, archeological representation, and the medieval manuscript. Besides, the Norse gods as one the mythological characters are the characters that are derived from the Northern Germanic tribe dating 9th century AD. Most of the Norse mythological stories were passed from one generation to another in the form of poetry between the period of an 11th century and the 18th century. Between these periods, several of the medieval texts were written, including the famous Eddas (Ciklamini 138). However, the Navahos had settled on the Colorado Plateau for centuries before the legendary Christopher Columbus arrived in America. It is worth noting that the Navahos were not the first inhabitants of the Colorado Plateau because both the archeologist and the historians believed that the Ice-Age Paleo-Indian hunters had occupied the land earlier. Based on the cultural perspective, Navahos myth claims that they arrived in America by four salient levels of the world. As for the Navaho legends, they are said to be one of a fascinating folklores among the Native Americans. This is because they are associated with mystical creatures such as the dreaded coyotes and the Skinwalkers. However, unlike

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