Norm Breaking

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Norm Breaking Name Institution Norm Breaking Norms are basic rules or expected behavior within a social setting. Social norms are how we are expected to behave in the society. For instance, it is considered a norm to queue in the banking halls instead of ignoring the queue and moving directly to the count (Mondal, 2016). Another good example is how we are expected to respect other people's personal space in public places such as parks and the waiting bays. Norms always vary from one society to another and one environment to another. Failure to uphold the norms is sometimes consequential as the people around you may be forced to react to your unbecoming behavior. To understand the norms, I decided to do research on a norm that is very observed and respected and decided to break it to see the reaction, respected personal privacy (Mondal, 2016). On a one Sunday afternoon, I decided to go and sit at Hermann Park and observe the people’s behavior regarding their personal space. It was a nice sunny afternoon, and the park was a little crowded with people from different walks of life and different ages. The people in the park were either individuals who had come to relax alone or groups who had come to relax or were engaged in different activities such as meetings or games. The condition in the park and the crowd made it a perfect environment for my observation since everyone was occupied and they wouldn’t notice me staring at them. After 25 minutes of my observation, it was clear that regardless of the age, gender, race, group or individual, each of the park occupants was very sensitive when it came to personal space. This was mainly seen in the way they chose

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