Noah and the ark

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Noah and the ark Identity refers to a collection of behavior and personal features that defines an individual belonging to a particular group. People identify each other with qualities such as laws, religion, culture, language and ethnicity among other qualities. From the characteristics, people establish their understanding and distinguish each other from different groups. Nevertheless, at times, an individual may belong to more than one cultural identity because of mobility (geographical and social). Similarly, according to the book of Genesis, human beings and spirit beings had their identity defined by God. Unlike humans, spirits are immortal; therefore, God forbade spirits from reproducing or multiplying. This study reflects on the theme of identity from the story of Noah and the ark. Genesis Chapter 5 presents a situation where the spirit beings defied the order of God and intermarried with people (Vatican City State N.P). The spirits forged an identity that was left for the mortals. The interaction between human species and spirit species brought another creation. The offspring, which were neither spirits nor did they possess the characteristics of humankind. The new breeds were called the Giants. People saw them as heroes, according to Genesis chapter 6 the intermarriage between men and spirits persisted. In this instance, humans and spirits were giving rise to another breed of creation that was not authorized by God. Sometimes behavior is a tool for identifying a specified group. For example, humankind obeyed God. The interaction with spirits corrupted this identity as Genesis chapter six describes that

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