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Statistics Article Analysis Name Institution Statistics Article Analysis Stephens and Umland (2011) conclude that swearing provides relief from pain, although this intervention only has a short-term effect on pain management and intervention. In addition, the article concedes that the mechanism for swearing effect occurs through an emotional feedback mechanism that increases the heart rate. To arrive at this outcome, the researchers focused on measuring pertinent variables that included cold pressor latency. The cold pressor latency entailed subjecting the research participants’ to two temperature changes (5oC for cold conditions and 25oC for room temperature conditions) with the heart rate noted as the unit for measuring the variable using a heart monitor. The intention of the cold stressor latency was to place the body in a stressful environment by exposing it to an unfavorably low temperature and monitoring its response in that situation versus a normal situation with swearing words acting as a moderating variable. In this respect, the article sought to determine the effect of swearing words on pain brought about by cold environments through evaluating changes in the heart rate. To present its results in a graphical format, the article applies whisker plot. In this case, the visual presentation offers information about the range and median as determined from analysis of the collected results. Drawn alongside a number line scale, the whisker plot offers the highest value at the topmost tip of the whisker, and the median line at the center of the whisker. The plot presents the lowest value at the bottom tip of the whisker. Based on the plot presented in the

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