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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: The Families Funding the Presidential Elections It is alarming that just 158 families are responsible for financing the 2016 presidential election to a tune of $176 million. Their financial contribution is more since this represents the contributions for the first part of the campaign only. The families contributing the money are highly affluent and live in exclusive neighborhoods such as the Indian Creek and Bel Air. Further, there is a lack of representativeness in the families. Most of them are majorly white, male, and elderly individuals that have made their fortunes in two industries; finance and oil. It is nevertheless interesting that few of these families inherited the wealth. In fact, most of them built their empires from small start-ups to the multi-million corporations they now own. Moreover, these families are heterogeneous in their race as they comprise of early immigrants from countries such as Cuba, Pakistan, Israel, Indian and the Old Soviet Union., Nevertheless, there is hardly any blacks among the families. The families providing the funds for the presidential elections do it for an array of reasons including, friendships, kinship, business and other relations. However, the most important reason for their funding includes the promotion of economic growth in the United States, especially through tax regulations. Most of the donors support Republican candidates that have promised to pare regulations by cutting the taxes charged on capital gains, income, inheritances and shrink entitlement programs. Having made their wealth from scratch, the families are wary of the inhibiting effects of taxation

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