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I can clearly say that I couldn’t be where I am today without the help I received from the mentor who I was attached to while starting out my nursing career. This was a charge nurse at the Southern Regional Medical Center Critical Care Unit who was more than willing to see me succeed in the world of nursing. She had been chosen by the unit manager to be my mentor where I was to assist her to manage her workload as she was always busy owing to her charge position. She possessed various qualities as a nurse that made my stay in the hospital to impact greatly in my career. To start with, she was quite approachable. There were times I didn’t know what was to be done in various situations for effective care to patients. I would share the problem, and she would always be ready to give instructions on what was best for the situation. Having had over thirty years’ experience as a nurse, she was quite resourceful, and I was on my part ready to reap maximum benefit from our relationship. High workloads and fear of making mistakes are among the causes of high turnover for new nurses and general practitioners and therefore having someone to lean on plays a large part in how one settles at the workplace (Reitz et al., 2017). She was also quite supportive. At times I felt like quitting due to various traumatic incidences in the unit. I would see and interact with critically injured or ill patients who I would later learn had died, and this was not easy for me. She was however there for me during such times and continued to encourage me to be emotionally strong. She also constantly encouraged me to work hard to further my study and achieve my dreams telling me that she had like

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