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Name Professor Course Date The Break The break refers to the policies introduced by the government to guide the development of the telegraph line. The policies marked the break of the earlier laid out communications framework; they were completely different and gave a new direction and pattern in the development of communications in the U.S. In the 1830’s, the development of information was hampered by the need to protect the government role in communications. Jackson and his followers, however, did not do that. This erupted into a political rivalry between Jackson’s group and the government (Lloyd 40). It is at this time that Morse invented a contraption that comprised of a pen, a magnet that pulled an iron piece, a motor clock that drew the paper strip under the pen. These tools were set up together and could create markings on the paper. The device received and transmitted information by electrical means. Morse wanted to develop an experimental telegraph line and needed funds from the government. He failed to get government support and had to wait for five years until another party would take power and dominate policymaking. It is at this time that the party that took power laid out policies before they could support the development of the telegraph. The policy decisions made involving the telegraph were significant in that they were different from what was earlier set by the founders. The policies include: investing early of the technology, secluding the control of the technology in private areas, continue subsidy of the technology industry and a weak response to the rise of private monopoly (Lloyd 41). These policies were different from the framework

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