NINA Slogan

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This article argues against NINA slogan which is a short form of No Irish Need Apply which was a famous slogan ancient Europe and America. Irish people were being discriminated when it came to the job application and most adverts ended with the NINA slogan. It was very humiliating and dehumanizing when an Irish job seeker saw this phrase because it was outright discrimination which denied them job positions despite their qualification just based on the fact that they were Irish. The main thesis of this article is seeking whether the NINA slogan, which is now a myth, is justified, based on the claims of Irish Catholics who complain that the American society discriminated their Irish ancestors. The author of this article bases his claims on the fact there were numerous newspaper ads poems and songs that contained the NINA slogan. There was a particular post in London Times Newspaper which stated that a smart, active girl was needed to do general housework in a large family. The girl was supposed to know how to wash dishes, cook and wash clothes. At the end of the ad, there was the NINA slogan which meant that those of Irish origin had entirely been discriminated from applying for that job. According to the author, there was also another composition whereby a job advert with the NINA slogan was read by an Irish, and he felt humiliated but decided to apply for the job anyway. The employer recognized his Irish decent and denied him the job. The Irish was furious and proceeded to beat up the employer and warned him against including the NINA slogan in his future ads (Jensen, 1-5). These arguments are valid to some extent based on the Newspapers ads and other compositions which

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