Night by elie wiesel success and failure about his life and his book

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Name: Course Name: Course Instructor: Date of Submission: The Night by Elie Wiesel Elie Wiesel was a Jew from Hungary born in 1928, who was not affected by the ranging mass killings of the Jews in Europe until 1944. During his younger years, he studied the traditional Jewish texts. During the war, he and his family were captured by the Germans and taken to a concentration camp, Auschwitz. His family was murdered in the Holocaust. Elie was a survivor, and after that, he left to France. In France, he studied philosophy, psychology, and literature and later became a journalist. He was so reluctant about sharing his experiences of the Holocaust. He, however, was convinced by a Catholic writer to express his traumatic memories (Horn, Pierre L. et al. 47). He writes the book, Night, to dispose of his emotional turmoil during the Holocaust. He later relocated to the United States and continued with his career. His life experiences made him become a humanitarian and a political activist. His expression on the “global crisis of humanity” made him a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1986. He engaged in teaching, and most of his students belonged to the Holocaust survivors. He made it his mission to promote peace and understanding between conflicting groups by creating the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity in 1986. His aim was also to combat injustice and intolerance. He helped in the creation of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He acquired 90 honorary degrees during his lifetime. Wiesel was also awarded the Media of Freedom in the year 1992 (Horn, Pierre L. et al. 68). Elie Wiesel is a symbol of transformation. His vision for the establishment of the museum

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