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Cocaine Abuse between 1950 and 2000 In the USA Student’s Name Institution’s Name Abstract Albert Niemann thought to have made a medical breakthrough by extracting cocaine from the coca leaves, but he created a mess so big that the whole of the 20th century was not enough to clean the mess. The first ever legislation aimed at the fight of cocaine abuse was passed in 1914 but that only pushed for large-scale cocaine use in the underground circles. The existence of an unstable government in Peru, where the coca plant occurs naturally, created a favorable environment for setting up of labs to extract cocaine from coca leaves. Of all the known drugs, cocaine is the strongest known stimulant in its natural occurrence. Cocaine in its purest form is very expensive; cartels tried to bring the cost of cocaine down in 1950. In the 1950s a cheaper version of cocaine was introduced to America by the code name crack cocaine. Crack cocaine spread so fast through America that even the northern parts of USA had access to the drug. It is in the era of the second half of the 20th century that the pain of drug abuse was felt in America. Many people became addicted to cocaine while crimes associated with drug dealing, use and misuse became rampant. The 1980s saw the lowest moment in American history in the fight against cocaine abuse; cocaine was smuggled to the USA in tons like it had never happened before. Key words: Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, drug epidemic Cocaine is found in the coca plant from which it is extracted after undergoing a series of lab procedures. The coca plant is an indigenous crop of the Andean highlands of South America (Gootenberg, 2003). Cocaine

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