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News Analysis Name Institution Affiliation The news broadcast is from ABC news at noon. In the news, the advertiser gives the priority to the well being of their country ranging from the security matters of the country down to the health issues and also the concern about the concluded election and the issues behind it. In the news, the newscaster uses different reporters from different parts of the world and in the given department related to the news being broadcasted to the public. According to the mass communication organization the priority of the news is given to the security of the citizen or the viewers in the country. In the news, however, the newscaster majors on the health factors as well as security reinforcement beginning from the military up to the technological security. The news also prioritizes the political stability of the nation as well as the economic outlook. In the health issues, the advertisers indicated the banning of the importation of green prawn because of the health hazard it has. On the same issue of health, there is research made on the risk of living by the roadside (ScreenTower, 2017). The matter concerning the security, however, the newscaster indicate the different military issues in different parts of the world and the steps that some militaries are taking whether towards bringing security to their countries (Gump, 2013). On the same note, the advertiser explains the other type of security that is affecting the United States, and that is the cybercrime. Under the Cyber Crime, the advertisers' talks on how another country has spoofed into their US system and causing damage by interfering with the election results. The news about

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