New Jersey’s attempt to legalize sports betting -Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act

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PANDORA MEDIA COMPANY TO: FROM: DATE: SUMMARY OF: New Jersey’s attempt to legalize sports betting The memo is about a federal court case involving New Jersey and other five sports league. In this case, New Jersey State wanted to legalese sports betting which was only allowed to be in one state, Nevada and the initiative was opposed by the sports leagues who presented the matter to court. The Memo will, therefore, summarize the federal PASPA laws and what they do, what the New Jersey did, constitutional issues involved in the case, arguments in favor and against the Supreme Court decision in favor of New Jersey. It will also identify the proponents besides New Jersey, and the opponents of New Jersey in winning in court. POINT 1: SUMMARY OF PAPSA LAWS The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is a legally constituted law that defines the legal status of sports betting in the United States (Meer, 2011). It, therefore, regulates sports betting regarding states where some states are not allowed to participate in sports betting whereas some are permitted. Moreover, very few countries are permitted to participate such as Nevada. Also, the act place restrictions on different states on sports lotteries. It, therefore, allows for the establishment of legal sport betting industries only on the countries granted to so by the act. New Jersey, one of the states, in its state constitutional jurisdiction, advocated for and passed laws to allow sports betting in the country. Its legislature decided to allow the sports betting which was opposed by other sports leagues in the United States. The action of it passing the law contributed to a court case which where it

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