New Girl

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Melissa Francis Jenny Louis SPCH 231 November 3, 2016 New Girl Language patterns define the speaker’s responsibility when making various statements. Leslie’s statement at the opening gambit proves she lacks precision and is being vague. She had sold Schmidt and Cece a house which was not for sale and yet claims that “I just google house and sometimes stuff comes up?”. Cece's closeness to Jess hurdles Schmidt's desire to reach greater heights in his life after their marriage. This is a non-verbal cue of communication where Cece was expected to distance herself from her friend. Unfortunately, Schmidt is trying to avoid Jess who ends up being their real estate manager and therefore aggravating the whole situation. Cece rolls her eyes when she realizes that Schmidt is not happy with their new real estate manager. It is now clear that Jess is a meddler who is not really after helping the new couple secure a house. Nicknames are crucial in managing identity and Nick referred himself as a crawdaddy after arriving from New Orleans. Jess is attracted to Nick, and this is a sign of imminent love between them. However, it is very disheartening to Jess when Nick discloses that he was in a far-flung relationship with Reagan. Jess’s attempts to escape are a clear illustration of the frustration she had, but Nick is smart to understand the feelings Jess had for him. Cece and Schmidt met a loan officer with dilated eyes which were weird though they realized that they oughtn’t to have judged him because he did his job impeccably. Jess engages in a whisper conversation with one of the bank employees because she was till afraid to approach Nick. As the storyline

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