New France in America 16th Century

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New France in America 16th Century Name Institution Affiliation New France in America 16th Century Despite the fact that France was one of the late colonizers of North America, it owned the greater part of Canada and the U.S, extending from Newfoundland to Louisiana, not excluding the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes. At the end of 1750, France was losing a considerable part of its colony to the growing British North America because of its failure to accommodate a large population (Mathieu, 2013). In 1524, Giovanni di Verrazano was ordered by King Francis I to explore routes through North America to Asia. Still, Verrazano did not return with knowledge of the Atlantic coasts that stretched from Carolina to Nova Scotia. Ten years later, finding gold deposits and the mysterious sea route to the Orient, three voyages were directed by Jacques Cartier, a member of Verrazano’s excursion. He navigated through the St. Lawrence River, mounting a cross displaying the king’s emblem to possess a territory where present-day Montreal and Quebec are located (Mathieu, 2013). Departing in 1541, Cartier’s troop founded the small temporary protectorate of Charlesbourg-Royal, just close to Montreal, resulting in conflict with the local tribes including the Iroquois. Their conquest was concluded because of the rough winter they are experiencing and the scurvy affecting the crew members. Interestingly, at the end of all these voyages, Cartier returned to France with only fool’s good that convinced him he found gold. Though journeys authorized by the king ended after Cartier’s unpromising last expedition, French fishers retained a strong presence in North

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