Nestlé Infant Formula

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Nestlé Infant Formula. Nestle company deals in the production of infant formula feed and supplies most of its products in the third world countries. The company faced a challenge when the doctors and healthcare providers published information that the formula feeds were responsible for millions of infant deaths globally. The WHO and AAP organizations intervened through forcing the formula feed companies to refrain from public promotions. Nestle also experienced a boycott and in order to maintain its market position, it changed its marketing strategy. The boycott clearly illustrated the negative perception people had developed for the infant formula feed such that in the future, few women were likely to purchase Nestle products (The Cengage Learning, 2016). Nurses also risked being perceived as agents that promote formula feed, in this regard, I could have changed the promotion method to one that mirrors the nutritional value. The nurse promotional strategy risked Nestle’s business position in the sense that the health care providers were likely to sue the company for portraying a negative image that does not represent the services they offer to the community. I would change the promotional method as a strategy of securing the company image in future. During the boycott and the publication of negative reports about the formula milk, Nestle stopped its distribution in the U.S and the rest of the world for a few months. Later, the company resumed normal operation but focused on third world countries, however, this did not last for long before these countries realized the increased infant mortality due to the formula feed. Doctors advised women in the third world

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