Negative Effects of Marketing on the American consumer

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Based on Argument Essay 1 Marketing is the process through which a business organization makes known of its product to potential consumers. It involves all activities that ensure that the organization’s products flow to the seller as well as the communication of new product lines, changes in production among other aspects. The activities involved in marketing include advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and public relations. Marketing is not only beneficial to the company but the consumer as well. The customer is made aware of the availability of products and services that are of higher quality as compared to the rest. Through marketing, the consumer also benefits as a result of lower prices resulting from aggressive product promotions. However, marketing if unchecked can have many negative effects on the consumer. Today the American consumer has become the dumping zone for any information by the advertisers who are interested in increasing the sale of their goods and services. Commercialism has taken center stage in all media, the internet, movies, schools, and any other interest avenues that the consumer can be found (Griffin 74). As such, the consumers are pushed into absorbing the contents of the advertisement even without being interested in the products or services rendered. Ideally, modern entrepreneurship and the business world as a whole heavily rely on marketing in the form of advertising to reach the potential consumers. The companies and organizations engaging in the goods or services have the obligation of ensuring that their products reach the customers with the aim of making sales. The profits are based on the sales volume that is anchored on

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