Nectar in a Sieve Literary Essay

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Nectar in a Sieve The book, Nectar in a Sieve written in 1954 by Kamala Markandaya tells the story of Rukmani as she struggles with family life, poverty, infertility and the eventual death of her husband. The novel is set during a period that was marked by increased urbanization and intense economic activity that drove the ever-expanding Indian economy. The protagonist, Rukmani, stood by her principles and never abandons her culture even in the face of multiple changes that occur around her. It is her culture that teaches her the importance of land and why it is given such a prominent place in the book. She is attached to the ground that it is almost viewed as a character within the story. One that she continually turns to for solace and which she cannot live without. The entire book is based on Rukmani’s attempts to reconnect with her rural life, the land that she is fiercely connected to and her sense of community. The relationship that slowly buds over time between Rukmani and the earth begins very early on, and it is apparent for all to see that so much is premised on the soil that relates to her life. For starters, she is the youngest daughter of the village headman. All through her young life she becomes accustomed to the more elegant things in life and attaches comfort with wealth that includes that large parcels of land. When she is married off at the age of 12, she is distraught by the sight of the mud hut which her husband, Nathan has prepared for her. Rukmani cannot help but compare it with her father’s, which although was no mansion, was an excellent house. She despairs at first but quickly

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