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Name Instructor Course Date Nature Transcendentalists believed that the most important truths for human beings transcend human reasoning. Their movement was of the view that every person can reach such truths only through spiritual intuitions. One of the most important players was Ralph Waldo Emerson. He wrote different pieces that were characterized by transcendentalist themes. From reading chapter one of ‘Nature,’ one can see the important themes that transcendentalists thought were important. One of the transcendentalist themes in Emerson’s ‘Nature’ is the theme of the importance of nature in understand reality and helping to bring man closer to God. Emerson says that if the stars only appeared once in a thousand years, men would not believe in God. They also would not have a chance to remember or make their children adore God (Emerson 2). Emerson insinuates that men believe in God by observing the nature, for example, the stars. By seeing and appreciating nature, one connects with God. The theme of self-reliance was very important for transcendentalists. In ‘Nature,’ Emerson says that man ought to go into solitude sometimes. That it is okay for someone to not always be in a group as isolation from time to time from society can help him connect with nature more. (Emerson 2). He seems to suggest that sometimes a person should leave the society and rely on himself for his happiness. Simplicity is another transcendentalist theme. They believed that simplicity helps someone to connect with God and God’s creation better. Emerson writes that the sun only impresses the eye of a grown-up man, but it impresses both the eye and the heart of a young

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