Nature-Nuture Debate

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Nature-Nurture Debate Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Abstract The nature versus nurture debate has been undergoing for many years. Psychologists have not agreed to what contributes to differences in human behavior and personalities. The nativist who supports nature purports that genetic makeup is what determines personality. On the other hand, empiricists are people that believe that the differences in environments that people grow in are what causes this difference in personality. I am against the nature-nature debate since it is not possible to determine objectively whether nature or nature is what determines personality. There are problems that are associated with this debate. Stereotypes and racial issues can arise when these debates focus on humiliating people due to their nature or environments where they live. This debate also tends to focus only on biology and the environment but fail to recognize other factors such as free will that can cause differences in personalities. The nature-nurture debate has been going on for a long period, and it has been provocative since psychologists have not agreed regarding this topic. Nativists are people who believe beyond doubt that hereditary factors are the ones responsible for differences in human behavior. According to them, the human species is a creation of evolution. People are different due to their unique genetic codes. Behavior is influenced by genetic factors, and when a certain person portrays a certain behavior, it is because of certain hereditary factors that cause it to happen. According to the nativists is that characteristics that cannot be observed when a child

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