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Nature Journal Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Sunrise It was on a Saturday morning, and the beach was slowly coming to life. One could hear chitchats from people, mostly business owners that were preparing the beach for the busy day ahead. I had waited anxiously for the day when I would have a first-hand experience of the magnificent sunrises at the beach. Finally, the day had come. I woke up early to catch the sun rising with the hope that the clouds would not disguise the dawn. The bright morning sky allowed me to have a spectacular view of the beautiful phenomenon. Majority of the people holidaying on the beach had not made their way outside yet. I met one of the dog owners and a friendly man that was already working on the beach. The man offered his warm greetings as he raked the sand to prepare the beach for the busy day ahead. I observed dawn patrol police officers changing shifts under the crisp air. One of the police officers was kind and more than willing to offer any assistance to ensure that I had a pleasant experience on the beach. I smelled the silhouette of seagulls and coffee being prepared in the corner shop in the early morning as the sky slowly turned blue. I took off my shoes to have a feeling of the cold and wet sand squeezing its way between my toes before strolling along the shore and waterline. The ocean appeared relaxed as if its waters were also ushering in the new day. Suddenly, the morning breeze touched my face. I stopped, listened, smelled, and breathed it all in. On the other side of the beach, I could see the preserved patches of rainforest. As I dipped my feet into the Atlantic Ocean, I could not stop wondering what a

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