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Naturalism Name: Author: Institution: Naturalism Naturalism is a literature writing technique that dates way back to the earlier years of the 20th Century. The technique incorporates a deterministic aspect where characters used in this style of writing usually find themselves situations where the events taking place are beyond their control. As a result, such characters usually find themselves left at the mercy of nature are natural occurrences. The ideology that naturalism is based on is that of Charles Darwin biological approach regarding the existence of various species. Authors who subscribed to this line of reasoning were skeptical to the idea of religion, and they viewed man as just a small factor in the existence of nature hence susceptible to the forces of nature. The stories “To build a Fire” by Jack London and “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane exhibit naturalism themes in both their settings and also their flow of events. The paragraphs that follow will explore the various ways through which the naturalism theme has been developed and used thus bringing to light various attributes of the naturalist style of writing. The first naturalistic aspect that has been used in both stories (“To Build a Fire” and “The Open Boat”) is that of nature is indifferent to man. This attribute is brought forward differently in the two stories. In “To Build a Fire” the indifference of nature and its forces is illustrated in the fact that the protagonist of the story both succeeds and fails in his effort to counter the forces of nature during his journey. His success comes earlier on the first time he lights a fire and uses it to warm his body and thus

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