Native People

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Name: Instructor: Course Title: Date: Violation of the Rights of Native Communities in the USA. In the 21st century, democracy is superior to all nations of the world compared to the colonial times when the dictatorship was the order of the day and citizens were not liberal in their native land. In the colonial times, there was neither constitutions nor set of rules that were established to ensure that each citizen had rights and freedom or even exercise democracy. Upon attainment of independence in all states of the world, there was a sense of ownership by the native communities in their land which is very crucial for the self-existence of the nation. Constitutions were put into place to cater for the needs of the citizens and also for the serving government in the land. Despite many years passing after attainment of independence, there are a variety of forms of dictatorship that have emerged in various nations or states in the world. Globalization has opened doors to the migration of different races and people across continents and states to another through brain-draining, scholarships, educational exchange programs and even humanitarian aid for the refugees ("Rights Violations Of Indigenous Peoples" N.pag). The world is now popularly referred to as a global village showing the extent to which interaction has increased. America is composed of 51 states, and these are not fully comprised of the Native Americans that originated from the land. With the increased growing population of various races, tribes, and nationalities into the USA has sidelined the native communities to the extent of being regarded as extent. The federal government has clearly despised the

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