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Mysticism: Reflection Name: Institution: Abstract For the longest time, religion and spirituality have become two of the most talked about and controversial topics in the world. With different cultures and traditions, having a clear comprehension of spirituality and God, in general, has become difficult. However, every individual, regardless of their cultural affiliation, believes in something. Besides self-proclaimed atheists, it is almost impossible for a person to ignore the inner feeling of power far much greater than ourselves. The sense that there is something superior and powerful than our existence is what is referred to mysticism. It is difficult to deny the fact that a greater number of the world’s population is affiliated with a religion. Perhaps to understand the world in this angle, this paper reflects on how the text by Carmody & Carmody (1996) has informed my knowledge of mysticism as well as my spiritual practice this term. Particularly, the reflection focuses on what the authors say about mysticism and how their arguments may be relevant to transpersonal psychology and comparative mysticism. Keywords: Mysticism, Spirituality, Religion, Psychology Introduction The word “mysticism” is derived from the Greek expression “to conceal.” It is generally referred to as becoming one with the Absolute or God but may be referred to as any ecstasy or distorted state of realization which is given a spiritual or religious meaning. It may also be known as the realization of insight in hidden or ultimate truths, as well as to human revolution supported by different experiences and practices. In other words, mysticism is the strong

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