My personal philosophy of education

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My Personal Philosophy of education Author’s name Institutional affiliation My Personal Philosophy of Education In recent decades, the scientific and journalistic literature devoted to the problems of education has begun to affirm the "philosophy of education" phrase, which denotes the number of synthetic studies, in the processing of pedagogical material emanating from certain general postulates and axioms. One of the main educational philosophy issues is classroom management which alludes to the vast assortment of abilities and systems that educators use to keep understudies sorted out, deliberate, engaged, mindful, on the undertaking, and scholastically profitable amid a class. At the point when classroom-management methodologies are executed viably, educators limit the practices that hinder learning for both individual understudies and group understudies, while augmenting the practices that encourage or improve the learning process. As a rule, viable educators tend to show solid classroom-administration abilities, while the sign of the unpracticed or less successful instructor is a scattered classroom loaded with understudies who are not working or focusing. The main issue of the educational philosophy and classroom management is the relationship between philosophy and education. Apparently, it depends on how the moments of this relationship are determined. From the philosophical point of view, first realized by Hegel, classroom management consists of subjects and methods that should correlate with each other to provide the high-quality result. The problems of the education concept and distinguishing the stages of the educational process are the most

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