My Life Philosophy: Positive Living & Resiliency

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Student’s NameStudent ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission My Life Philosophy: Positive Living & Resiliency I view my life positively, and I am grateful for each day of my life. I believe that everything I have gone through has contributed to the person that I am today. From my childhood to present day I have gone through positive and negative life events. These life events taught me a lot of lessons, and they have also shaped my life to who I am this day. There are various positive life events that I have encountered in my life. Some of them include: meeting good friends, being awarded a scholarship, family gatherings, a trip and many others. Positive life events made me happy and excited. They made me feel loved, appreciated and cared for. Meeting good friends allowed me to interact with them and have special moments to share my feelings, thoughts, and ideas. I was awarded a scholarship to further my education, and I was so excited to get this opportunity. A family gathering can also be considered part of my positive life events that I enjoyed time to time when we met as an extended family and had special moments with one of the members. I have also traveled to various destinations that were more beautiful than I ever expected (Csikszentmihalyi 30). I have encountered various disappointing events in my life. I was once fired from a job that I loved so much. This experience made me feel disappointed with life, and I almost gave on ever finding another job that was good or better than the job I lost. Another negative life event is that passing on of a relative that was very close and dear to me. The death of the

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