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I intend to major in biology as a prerequisite for my intended career in criminology and forensic science. I developed curiosity in this field after being fascinated by my father’s successful career in criminology. He worked with the police department as a lead detective. Since I was young, he loved telling me exciting stories about how forensic science worked to solve even the most complicated crimes in the country. As I grew, I learned that knowledge of biochemistry was at the core of forensic science. Naturally, I developed a desire to study biology as a foundation course for my future career in criminology. In high school, I did chemistry and biology and passed with good grades, which gave me the motivation to push ahead with my ambitions of pursuing a career in forensic science. I have made extensive preparation for my intended major including readiness to succeed in upper division courses when I join the university. I have done independent studies to familiarize myself with the core of my intended course. Through the studies, I have learned that my curriculum will encompass several interrelated subjects such as anatomy, physiology, histology, immunology and biochemistry. Besides independent research, I have volunteered in a dental facility for a year. Through the volunteer program, I gained valuable knowledge, especially in the area of human anatomy. I believe that this knowledge will be critical when I join college. Soon, I will be volunteering with a hospital agency, and my focus will be on biochemistry. I am confident that the volunteer program will be a great opportunity for me to get hands-on experience working with the experienced biologists and forensic

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