My First Failed Exam

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My first fail at High school was an embarrassing and a bad day for me. To this day, I can still remember how my ignorance made me fail terribly in the exam. I had not revised for the exam that particular week, but I knew the exact date that the exam was to be conducted. I spend the last two days playing games at home since I had a perception that the subject was easy and I would pass the test without any further reading. As my classmates were busy revising before the paper, I was at the basketball court playing and chilling with some of my friends. That night before the paper, I went to sleep knowing that the test would be easy and I was not worried about anything since I believed that what I had learned throughout the learning period was enough for me to write my exams. As I woke up during that fateful day, I felt very flexible and relaxed for the day. I called my parents and talked to them since I had no talked to them for quite a long time and went ahead to have breakfast. Although a class was to be held before the test, the teacher told us that the class had been postponed to allow the students to get adequate time to prepare themselves and enable them to have enough time for the paper before the evening classes. When the paper was presented to the students, many seemed to be more confident. As I looked at the paper, I felt like I had never attended that class throughout the semester. The level of confidence that I had before the paper deteriorated to the point that I was not thinking correctly on how to answer the questions. The paper was tough and challenging than I expected, which led me to sit and watch while other students were trying their best to write

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