My Favorite Time of Year Essay Examples



year (n): δ=23.45sin⁡{360284+n365}, which is given in the project handout on July 21st. The hour angle (H) varies hourly based on the local solar time (LST): H=15(LST-12). Once the solar altitude is known the solar azimuth angle (ϕ) can be determined from: cosφ=sinβsinL-sinδcosβcosLIt must be noted here that when determining ϕ, the arccosine of cosϕ is taken. The result of this will give ±ϕ. The angle is measured from South and is given as 90° at West, and -90° at East. Since the sun rises in the East, ϕ will be negative in the morning, zero at noon and positive in the afternoon. The surface-solar azimuth (γ) is found from the formula: γ=φ-ψThe azimuth angle (ψ) is the...