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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date My Essay Albert Einstein alluded that the definition of “true” intelligence was not knowledge but imagination (Mihaescu 8). From a young age, I always had thoughts that seemed beyond the realm of the universe and technology at the time. However, the imagination grew when I attended a science fair in a nearby town. In the festival, I witnessed many robotic prototypes that had been presented for display. What fascinated most is that the robots seemed so realistic but could not perform essential functions such as making human-like decisions. Since that day my imagination grew, and I could only think of a time where robots could make work easier by performing human-like functions. However, for robots to have human-like functions they must follow codes created and installed on their hardware. Borrowing from Einstein’s allusion, I had the imagination but lacked the necessary knowledge to execute the “basic” robotic functions. Through research and consultations, I learned that had to understand the basics of programming functions which are well taught in the study of computer science. Over the years, I have worked hard to attain the required grades to enable my dream of creating human-like robots. On the other hand, studying computer science will give me a broader perspective not only for programming but also a deeper understanding of concepts of the computer. My dreams and imaginations can only be achieved if am in an environment that supports innovation. Buffalo University is one of the most reputable campuses that promotes innovation through research. Attending the innovative environment at Buffalo

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