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According to the case that is before me I have decided to make a decision. I think that the judge should rule the case in the counsel’s favour as they have presented enough evidence and facts for the rule to favour them. The forensic evidence is enough to implicate the culprit and as such I would prefer the judge to rule in the counsel’s favour. From the analysis of the evidence, the judge might see otherwise. But, according to what I know the case is finished for the culprit. There have been computer-generated images (CGI) and simulations done on the collected evidence and there is no other possibility. However, I do understand that the judge is the decider of the case and can rule otherwise. The defendant’s lawyer might get something to free him from a jail term which will make the case all the more interesting. The rule for a rape case is usually a jail sentence of at least 21 years with hard labour. The DNA tests carried out on both the victim and the defendant will be presented to the court just as the victim’s narration. The evidence material is more than enough to implicate the culprit who has also confessed of being guilty. The law should be applied here properly and as such, I do not have anything more to say about the case. In conclusion, it is sad that the culprit indeed deserves to be implicated. However, is not possible to exempt him from punishment whenever they are guilty. I can only say that we are waiting for the judge’s ruling to see if it will be delivered correctly and

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