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Application Letter In my quest to be what I am, I have gone many challenges. My journey has been a long and arduous one, and I am grateful to be where I am today. As a small boy, I lost my father, and for quite a long time, it was just my mother and me. Truth be told, I would not have anybody else raise me because I believe no one could have done as good a job as she did. She worked several jobs to ensure my brother, and I never lacked anything. There were tough times, but she always saw us through them. Although we led a life that can mainly be categorized as hand to mouth, we always had something to eat and never slept on an empty stomach. Not having a vast amount of wealth has made me learn to appreciate the little things that come my way. My mother always taught me to be humble and to do good to everyone. The life lessons she imparted to me have been invaluable. Helping her to take care of my brother also helped me grow up quicker than most people who are my age. The biggest challenge to date has been overcoming my stuttering problem. Up until the fourth grade, it severely affected me and dented my confidence. I was unable to speak in public and always felt shy around people. My mother was instrumental in helping me overcome the issue. She made me embrace it rather than hate it. As soon as I took her words seriously, things began to change. I steadily worked on the problem and rectified my speech. I am no longer the shy boy who was always afraid to speak. On the contrary, I am more talkative than most people are and have learned to be positive about things. I smile more than I before and although the death of my father at age eight came when I was struggling to

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