My application would be incomplete if I were never to travel to different places in the world

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Name Instructor’s name Course Date A Personal Narrative Prompt Essay I received encouragement to travel to different parts of the world while in high school and college. My parents were always against the idea of traveling to many places while young, and they kept advising me that I should plan on traveling later in life. My passion for traveling made me go against their decisions, and they finally supported me. Therefore, I was in a position to go to Italy, Turkey, London, Cayman Island, Carribean, New Zealand, Mexico and many other places despite residing in the US. Therefore, this paper shall depict the reasons to why my application would be incomplete if I failed to travel to different places in the world. Travelling made me gain infinite opportunities to network since I was able to make valuable connections. One thing that I learned in my lifetime in abroad is that people are friendly and they appreciate talking of their home and culture. Therefore, the friends that I made abroad gave me an opportunity to see the big world be too little, and it helped me feel more connected in every place that I toured. Henceforth, this has made me never to underestimate the value of networking at both international levels and back at my home country. My journey to Italy gave me an opportunity to be immersed in a second language. My Italian friends challenged me to communicate with them using their local language. Therefore, this made me struggle and know the meaning of every word in Italy and on the way they are pronounced. In the long run, I came to understand the beauty of being fluent in another language. Learning more languages has made be to fit and benefit from the

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