Muslim Feminisms

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Name:Instructor: Course: Date: Niqab and Saudi Arabia Veiling entails wearing protective clothing to cover a part or the entire body. Veiling has been an integral part of not only Islam but also religions such as Christianity and Judaism. However, veiling is strongly associated with Islam due to the spread of the religion into regions that revered veiling thus Islam picked up this custom. Veiling can either be in the form of wearing a niqab or a hijab. A niqab is an outer garment covering the entire body leaving only a narrow slit for the eyes while a hijab is an outer garment covering only the head, some parts of the face, and the neck. Formerly, veiling was a symbol of wealth, largely practiced by the affluent, although that has changed over the years with even people from the lower class veiling. This paper focuses on the history of the niqab and how it was worn in earlier times while also comparing it to modern times in Saudi Arabia. History of the Niqab Scarves and veils were a common custom in many cultures even before the inception of Islam in the seventh century. Head coverings were an important feature in many faiths, including Judaism and Catholicism (Pitts-Taylor 294). Islam proliferated to the status of a major religion since the seventh century. Islam not only adopted local customs, but it also influenced local customs as it spread from the Middle East, through Asia to Europe. As a result, Islam assimilated veiling from local customs, and the popularity of veiling grew over the years. In recent years, certain countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia have made it a requirement for Muslim women to veil. It is a requirement in Iran that women wear a

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