Muslim Americans

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(1) I would like, to start with a summary of the article written by Jen’nan Ghael Read entitled “Muslims in America.” the report represents Read’s presentation of a study he did and opinions of various interviewed people on the subject of assumptions people have made about Muslim Americans. According to Reads findings, there are many fears among the American citizens on Muslims living in their country. Also, most Americans believe that Muslims are a threat to their society. The fears have caused the number of hate crime against Muslims to increase. However, the Muslims in America do not agree with the assumptions made by other American's about them. Read’s discusses how there are different kinds of Muslims originating from over 80 countries worldwide. They are educated and involved in politics. Muslims do not base their politics on their religion but personal behaviors and attitudes just like other Americans. Most Muslims do not support gay marriages or abortion in the same way as other Americans. Muslims have similar beliefs on procreation and gender roles as Christians. They advocate for the government helping the needy people and protecting morality in the society. Muslims pray and attend services just as other religion. Therefore, people should change their views on the Muslim Americans and accept them as part of Americans. (2A) Next, allow me to pinpoint a quote that “moved me” from the assignment. Recent national polls outcome state “six in 10 believe Islam is very different from their religion.” This quote can be found in Article 46, the second paragraph, on page 344, and is written by Jen’nan Ghael Read. (2B) The author explains

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