Music of North India

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Music of North India Abstract Music of North India is referred as Hindustani classical music. It branched from the Carnatic classical music. In the past twenty centuries, Indian music has been deemed as one that played a ritualistic role among the upper caste Hindu communities in their day to day cultural activities (Ruckert, n.p). The Indian classical musical is presumed to have developed out of the blend of folk music that occurred afore the Aryans came to the region (Garfias, 221). Therefore, this shows that the songs were founded on sacred music in conjunction with folk songs and from bordering realms. The origin of the Indian music is considered to be entrenched in the Vedas and claimed by many that the sound of God that infiltrates the entire cosmos is depicted in the songs. Hindustani classical music emerged during the Mogul period when music moved from Hindu temples to the royal courts and refined by the Rajput and Mughal kings. Therefore, this paper shall carry out a detailed analysis of the Hindustani classical music in North India and evaluate the Uday Bhawalkar’s Piece on “Dhrupad in Raag Bhairav.” Origin of Hindustani Classical Music North India is composed of many musical traditions that portray different styles, genres, and practices. The roots of Hindustani classical music stretch back to the Vedas as it is assumed to be thousands of years old. The art keeps changing and evolving from one generation to another while maintaining some distinct components of the original alignment. Indian music is composed of Hindustani and Carnatic classical traditions that are relevant in today’s contemporary world. The

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