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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: MUSIC AND IDENTITY Music is always dubbed and believed as an art form that uses both voice and silence as a medium to send a message or emotion to a target group. Music in its nature always carries a meaning in it that can be easily decoded while others require keen analysis to interpret it precisely. Great songs should remain relevant despite the generation or the time; well-thought lyrics and exceptional performance by an artist keep a song in its best at all times. The aim is usually to help change people’s opinions about some notions, to mark an individual event or activity in life, for relaxing and mostly recreational purposes among others. “Imagine” was written by John Lennon and also performed by the same artist in the year 1971. He composed the song with the help of his wife Yoko Ono (Wiener, 9). Music should be open and free in expressing views of the artist with passion and without moderation or fear of the following consequences. The genre of this song is the classic rock that was performed using the piano majorly, and the drums were incorporated later. This music has a unique identity that focuses on the issues that were facing the world at the time of its productions. John Lennon was touched by the wars and all the events that were going around and saw the need to give his opinion through music and to rally other citizens in his course. “Imagine” has been identified with peace and good relations and thus is known all over the world. The type of this music is evocative in that it stirs the emotions of people to see the picture of what was happening at the time and give them a reason

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