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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Museum Assignment I visited the Metropolitan Museum of New York for my museum project. My area of interest was in the Egyptian god-rulers. I, therefore, identified and observed three items under this category. These included the Faience Amulet of Horus and Isis, the Faience Amulet of Taweret, and the Faience Amulet of Bes image. The Faience Amulet of Horus and Isis was made in the late Dynastic or the Hellenistic period which was between 664-30 B.C. The item is 3.9 cm in length and features the goddess Isis seated on her throne. She is wearing a tight-fitting garment and tripartite wig that is surrounded by a solar disc and ram horns. Her left breast is held by her right hand while the left hand is supporting the young Horus who rests on her lap. Isis was the goddess of marriage, health, and wisdom as well as protector of dead. She was worshiped as the guardian and depicter of magic and nature as well as the model wife and mother. Isis loved the sinners, slaves and the low-class men and women but also listened to the rich and rulers. Horus, on the other hand, was her son and was one of the most important ancient Egypt gods. He was the god of the sky and kingship. According to reports, his right eye represented the sun while his left represented the moon. The moon and earth traversed the sky as he flew across the heavens. The Faience amulet was made during the late dynastic to the Hellenistic period which was between 664-30 B.C. The figure is 4.4 centimeter in length and made of glazed clay. It features the goddess Taweret who is featured as a hippopotamus with pendulous human breasts and the limbs of a feline

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