Mumbai Attacks 26/11

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Crisis Management- Mumbai Attacks 26/11 Name Instructor Course Institution City, State Date Crisis Management- Mumbai Attacks 26/11 Introduction Whenever a crisis occurs, the management strategies adopted play a vital role in determining the efficiency of various agents to return events to normalcy. Having a reliable communication network with clear feedback capacities enables managers to come up with an ideal plan to avert the crisis and hence save the situation (Perry, 2003; p. 153). The effects of crises may be worse if the event is a terror attack. Taneja, Pryor, MG, Sewell & Recuero describe that terror attacks are on-off events with peculiar characteristics (2014; p. 75). The events that happen are sudden and cannot be easily predicted. Additionally, terror events tend to pose high potential losses and threats to survival yet the time available to make decisions is quite short (Taylor, 2006; p. 172). In effect, such events have a ripple effect on a community and even the country concerned because of its inability to avert such crises. One of such crises is the Mumbai Attacks that took place on 26/11/2008. Mumbai is an island found close to the main Indian mainland. The city thrives on a variety of industries majorly including fisheries and tourism. On the said date, ten tourists boarded a boat from Karachi in Pakistan and after that shifted to another vessel after 40 minutes of travel. When they reached Mumbai, the terrorists killed the captain of the larger vessel, and then divided themselves into two teams each of five. The major aim was to visit highly populated areas in a bid to ensure that they had as many casualty targets as possible. The

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